Re: Limit to number of messages in E-mail threads

Bob Cavanaugh

Yes, all that is true, but I noticed that even with some messages with
the same subject line threading doesn't always work the way I would
expect it to. I think this happens most often when someone does not
reply to the most recent message, but an older one. Another recent
example is my Bluetooth thread from a month or so ago, which got split
in two by Gmail.

On 1/24/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 02:52 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

I had several versions of it in my inbox. I don't know why it wasn't
muerged into one big thread, but it wasn't.
It was, in the archive, but that's the only place that a topic that's been
split, whether accidentally or intentionally, can be merged back together.

All it takes is the person sending a reply making a single character change
in the subject of the message, or correcting a spelling or capitalization,
or similar, for a single topic to be split into two as far as e-mail clients
are concerned.  And those who reply to the original topic will show up on
that topic, and those who reply to any message in a revised subject topic
will end up on that one.

There is no way for any list administrator to fix that, as e-mail threading
itself is what causes that split.

That is why I have, on multiple groups, asked people to avoid changing
subject lines.  And on those occasions where I need to re-title a topic so
that future archive searchers are likely to find it, I always send out a
message with the revised title and ask all who wish to respond from that
point forward to use that message, or one that is a direct response to it,
as the thing to reply to, not the original.

I spend a lot of time merging topics split by members, whether by intent or
by accident.  But I can only make them come together again in the archive,
not in email clients.  And if a member takes a topic that you've muted or
unfollowed, and changes the subject line, it will appear again because it is
considered a new topic, both by e-mail clients and

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