Re: Navigating A Web Page

Jonathan COHN

OK, I looked briefly at the site, and it appears that the site is not fully implementing the dialog in an accessible way.
First, when using a dialog like this, one should break the lock focus rule and only allow tab to move you within the buttons in the dialog, since other buttons and links are not active. Also, the region of the web page that is a dialog, should be labeled with “role=dialog”. Which can tell the browse cursor to stay in the dialog. I am not sure how NVDA handles this, but I expect it at least tells you that you have left a dialog.
I also noticed that I was not getting descriptions for graphics, I am on a new machine, so It is possible that my graphics verbosity is not configured correctly to ignore images with a null alt attribute, but I certainly seemed to encounter a few unlabeled graphics on the site.
Jonathan Cohn

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