Spinning numbers on a bank page?!

Ibrahim Abedrabbo

Hi folks,

This is a little tricky to explain. I am trying to log on to my bank using my pc and NVDA. When I enter my user id and pass word and click on login, it takes me to the next screen where it asks me to enter a code that has been sent to my cell phone. When I go to the edit box to enter the number it gives me 000000 and expects me to spin the zeros into the numbers in the code. When I go to the first zero and I spin it with the up and down arrows to the first number in the code, I can’t move to the next zero to enter the second digit of the code. If I move with the right arrow and I spin it rotates the first digit instead. Have anyone seen such a weird way of the two factor verification on any web page like this? How did you manage it? I deleted the zeros and typed the number in their place but it did not take it. I am afraid if I continue to try they would block my access and it would be a hassel to unblock it.

If anyone has any experience with this, Please help.





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