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Quentin Christensen

Is NVDA set to desktop or laptop keyboard layout?  It gives you the option to set it when you install, but if you hit next without paying attention the default is Desktop.  Press NVDA+control+k to open the keyboard settings (your NVDA key will be either INSERT or CAPS LOCK, and that is independent of the keyboard layout).  The first option on this screen is keyboard layout.

Note also that for historical reasons, NVDA out of the box, will still retain the "desktop layout" number pad functions even in laptop layout - there is an add-on if you want to disable that -

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On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 1:30 AM Blind allday <blind247365@...> wrote:

I got a new laptop and it’s one of those that has a number pad on the right of it. You also must hold down the function key to activate any of the F keys. I was able to turn that off.

So, to the issue. I can move by character, word and line but only using the number pad on the right not the original NVDA laptop layout commands. I tried going to the NVDA preferences>settings>keyboard but I couldn’t find anything that could fix the problem.

I think it may be a problem with my laptop keyboard and not NVDA. Has anyone else had this problem?

Quentin Christensen
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