Reviwing messages in Microsoft Teams chats

luciano de souza

Hello all,
When interacting with Microsoft Teams chats, my experiences have been
really unpleasant.
I want to review a long text chat I had yesterday. Being on the field
where messages are listed, in NVDA focus mode, I can press arrows to
move from one message to another.
However, it's very unsuitable the way NVDA reads the set of messages.
Suppose someone says me: "Hello". Focusing on the message, I listened:
"Chat Content Ana de Almeida Albuquerque Sampaio Nunes de Carvalho:
I had the bad luck to contact a person with one name and five last
names. The result is a tremendous frustration. I simply can't advance
without much waste of time.
Afterwards, I ask to myself: "And if I could copy the messages and
paste it on Notepad? Being on the message list, I've pressed
simultaneously shift and the upward arrow. In fact, messages are
copied, but when I pasted it on Notepad, only a small part of
conversation were really copied.
I've undestood Teams doesn't load all messages, but in stead of it, it
loads then as soon as necesary.
At last, I ask: is there a way to copy all messages to Notepad or read
then on Teams environment without the described problems?
I use Windows 10, NVDA 2020.3 and the last version of Microsoft Teams.
Best regards,

Luciano de Souza

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