Re: text to mp3 with an nvda voice addon?

multi 85

Thanks everyone for your answers, I appreciate them, but my question
also is, if someone is using the acapella or Vocalizer NVDA add-ons,
this would not be recognized by Balabolka? So you'd have to purchase
voices twice if you wanted to use your preferred voice for mp3?

On 9/7/16, Leo Bado <> wrote:

yes, balabolka is a great option.

it will recognize all sapi 5 voices you have instaled, including
microsoft sapi voices.

and to let you know, in latest versions it also records in m4a, m4b
forma as well.

To choose the format of your preferences, press shift + f5 and the audio
file options wil pop up!

El 06/09/2016 a las 11:12 p.m., nasrin khaksar escribió:
download balabolka, install sapi5 version of espeak and use it for free.
but it records as wave format and you should convert it in to .mp3.
its very fast, free and multi languages!
you can open all kind of formats with it without any problem,
for example: even if you dont install adobe reader and microsoft
office, you can open pdf and word document with it.

On 9/7/16, Albert Ruel <> wrote:
Try TextAloud.

Thx, Albert

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On Sep 6, 2016, at 3:46 PM, multi 85 <> wrote:

I know there are programs that convert text to mp3, but they find and
choose the voice independently, so you must have the Sappi voice. Is
there instead some sort of way that I could use a program or a method
that could use the voices I have which are nvda addons and somehow use
my nvda reading settings to convert a text that I am reading into mp3
to use on an Ipod? Basically, these programs then sort of force you to
purchase a voice you like twice if you want to convert, once for NVDA,
and then another time for the converting program and your sappi stuff,
so I'm hoping there's a better solution?

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