Re: Spinning numbers on a bank page?!

Ibrahim Abedrabbo

That is what I did.

On Jan 27, 2021, at 12:20 AM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

Ring your bank and explain how inaccessible that is.

Ask if you can login without this stupid code or type it in like other 2 step codes.

My bank doesn't have this stupidness at all.

I do need help entering pins for things when I need to make new pins, I'd usually would do it in a terminal, but covid,= going out, to wash hands, to stand in a cue to access, an eftpos terminal, to wash hands, to take my mask on and off just to activate a stupid debit card aint worth going out to do that.

I did it but needed sight for the pin entry.

On my bank with withdrawls, you can enter a net code but you can do without it.

I know its not secure to stop this stuff but if I had this issue, I'd just do without it.

Basically you need to tell your bank tha  because of their security system you can't get access to your account and you have a right to do that, so they can either remove it or get you to bypass it or fix it.

If they don't then time to change to another bank and give them a bad rating.

On 27/01/2021 3:32 pm, Ibrahim Abedrabbo wrote:

Hi folks,

This is a little tricky to explain. I am trying to log on to my bank using my pc and NVDA. When I enter my user id and pass word and click on login, it takes me to the next screen where it asks me to enter a code that has been sent to my cell phone. When I go to the edit box to enter the number it gives me 000000 and expects me to spin the zeros into the numbers in the code. When I go to the first zero and I spin it with the up and down arrows to the first number in the code, I can’t move to the next zero to enter the second digit of the code. If I move with the right arrow and I spin it rotates the first digit instead. Have anyone seen such a weird way of the two factor verification on any web page like this? How did you manage it? I deleted the zeros and typed the number in their place but it did not take it. I am afraid if I continue to try they would block my access and it would be a hassel to unblock it.

If anyone has any experience with this, Please help.





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