Re: Long-standing Basic Edge/NVDA Issue

hurrikennyandopo ...


Which edge are you using is it the old one or the new one? If it is the old one I would replace it with the new one from Microsoft.

Just tried bringing up the menu to maximize etc there is no problems on any of the tabs I try it on.

usually when you bring up the menu you mentioned you locate the one you want then press the enter key on it. So then is it when you press the escape key to close that menu then edge dies?

I thought when I first looked it was more to do with closing tabs. I did bring up that menu you mentioned did not pick one then chose close then the program shut as in edge.

Gene nz

On 28/01/2021 1:51 pm, Janet Brandly wrote:

Hello all,


I am using Windows 10 with the last stable version of NVDA, and I have been having the following issue for several months now. When on a web page, if I want to confirm that it is maximized with “alt+space”, and close the system menu with “escape”, NVDA won’t read the page. I know that it has crashed because it won’t read either when I return to the desk top. NVDA will crash even if I only have 1 Edge window open. Any suggestions?





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