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Thank you Joseph for your reply.
I am satisfied with the general behavior of NVDA regarding the announcement of the object description.
But I think in the case of a message issued by NVDA using gui.messageBox and which
presents only a dialog box with a text and one or two buttons, the text must be announced whatever the state of the option.
obviously, this is a point of view and I am perhaps the only one to deactivate the announcement of the description of the objects for the "normal configuratio" profiln.
Best regards

Le 28/01/2021 04:36, Joseph Lee a écrit :


An object’s description is typically retrieved through accessibility API’s, although screen readers can customize certain behavior. This is the approach used by NVDA: NvDA defines dialog text as a dialog’s description. As you’ve observed, if report object descriptions is off, NVDA will not announce description text for controls such as dialog text.

As for defining messages NVDA should announce all the time, in theory, it might be possible. In practice though, think about the following:

  1. Different people have different ways to define what “essential” messages are. Some would say dialog text should be announced all the time, while others may say NVDA should announce clipboard operations including in places where you can’t copy or paste things.
  2. Screen readers do not possess hundreds of magnifying glasses; that is, screen readers cannot announce everything on the screen.




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I am surprised that this question is not answered .
So I return in my box with it.
Best regards.

Le 23/01/2021 09:56, bering.p a écrit :

Hi to all.
I am sharing with you an observation I made concerning the announcement of messages by NVDA and which may be the subject of a PR.

When the option "Report object descriptions" is disabled, NVDA does not speak the text in dialog boxes.
This is annoying when it comes to a message informing the user or questioning him.
For example:
- following a manual search for update request.
- when an add-on uses "gui.messageBox" to query the user.

In this case, it is necessary to read the contents of the dialog box using "NVDA + b".

I think that any message emitted by NVDA should be announced regardless of the state of activation of the option.
What do you think ?
And if you agree, please do the PR.
best regards.


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