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Have you contacted the developers of this app to show them what happens? It looks like this is a better route, in fact most of the time, it is. I say most as there are exceptions. For example, death or software abandonment. If you did contact the developer what was their response?

Good luck.

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With the instructions from my friend, today I was able to complete many of the data analysis task by myself. e.g. I am able to import data from excel and do data preparation and some test like t-test.

I aware two areas that screen reader may pay attention to :

1. SPSS has a syntext function, which is a program code like interface.

screen reader can make use of this function, so that we can avoideinteracting with the ui, but only deal with codes.

2 on some areas, nvda still have accessibility issue.

e.g. sometimes when a window pop up, nvda did not read the content of
the window, even pressing nvda + b cannot read the pop up window. I have
to use review cursor to read the window.

sometimes, changing the view, e.g. change from variable view back to
data view, nvda will become silent.

And one of the most annoying thing is that, the savepop up window is not
accessible. When you press ctrl s or quit the program, SPSS will promt
you for saving the file, however, the pop up windows is not accessible
by pressing tab or any alternative ways. I have to manually move the
mouse on to the window, then click with right lick, then nvda can read
the button again.

I would say SPSS is usable for screen reader user.

But still lots of areas that need to be fixed.SuperSilly 於 30/12/2020
20:49 寫道:


I could not find relevant information on whether SPSS is accessible
using NVDA.

Is there any person here has experience in using SPSS with NVDA?

Do you have any information on how I should do with it?


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