Re: Focus Blue 4th generation problem?

Chantelle Buys


I'm also thinking that it's a display problem but, how to fix it?

Is there no way to reset a display to factory default?


On 1/28/21, Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...> wrote:
I'm going to take a wild guess on the problem of NVDA resetting your
settings to no braille. There's an option, I think off by default,
that reads "save configuration on exit." If this is unchecked, next
time NVDA starts, it will load the configuration it has saved. As for
your other problem, I have no idea but since you say the same thing
happens on your phone, I'd guess it's a braille display problem.

On 1/28/21, Chantelle Buys <cbuys6@...> wrote:
Afternoon everyone.

Just a quick question. I have a Focus Blue 40 cell display to try out
and have run into a strange problem.

Nvda resets the settings to no braille each time I restart the program
and for some or other reason, when you try to type lets say the
alphabet, it does the strangest thing. I would get the letters A/b
but, when I want to type c/d and so on, it would show other braille
symbols instead. I also realized that when I press dot1/4/7/8 after
pressing the power key to get to menu, the display won't do anything.

So, the same happens on android/IOS and since I don't know what's
going on here I just want to ask if any nvda user knows how to get the
braille keyboard to work the right way around and if somethings gone
wrong with the display?


Never give up, at any cost.

Never give up, at any cost.

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