Re: NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser

Quentin Christensen

NVDA doesn't specify a browser to use, it launches the web page which opens in whatever your default browser for .html files is.  To check, you can launch the file manually.  Either:
- open the user guide from the help menu, select the address bar, paste into the address bar of File Explorer and press ENTER.
- Or if you have NVDA installed, go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVDA\documentation\en and press ENTER on any of the files.

You can check your default browser, by pressing the WINDOWS key, type "default apps" and press ENTER, then tab to "Web browser" .  if it's set to something other than what you want, press ENTER and select the desired browser from the list.

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On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 10:10 AM Chris via <> wrote:

I would check to see if edge is still your default browser, things can change without you realizing


Thats the only thing it could be


From: Louise Pfau
Sent: 28 January 2021 22:39
Subject: [nvda] NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser


Hi.  I opened the NVDA User Guide to reference something, and I noticed that it didn't open in Microsoft Edge, which is set as my default browser.  Is the specific shortcut to the User Guide set to open in another browser?  I tried to open another web-based manual for comparison, and it opened in Edge.




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