Re: Microsoft Edge and forms mode with latest NVDA update

Andre Fisher

It's a bug with NVDA and the anniversary update.
Possible workarounds to not hearing typed characters is to type them
first, then use review cursor (e.g. Numpad 5 for current word, Numpad
1 and 3 to move to previous and next character, etc.). You can also
use notepadanother desktop program like Notepad, then paste it into
the edit field

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I think the current issue is a bug in windows 10 anniversary edition.
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To find the add on, go to the add on manager, and tab to the button that
says 'get add ons'. Press enter and Edge or whatever browser you're using
will open. Look for the Windows 10 App Essential add on and download the
stable version. Also if you're like me and had problem where NVDA won't read

typed characters, try uninstalling and re-installing NVDA. I remember I came

across that when I upgraded direct from Windows 7 to 10.

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