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As Brian noted, send me log fragments privately in order to not clutter the list.

In this case, the error has to do with inability for remote NVDA helper’s Outlook module to communicate with Outlook properly, so it is not really something to do with NVDA entirely, thus you can ignore this error.




From: <> On Behalf Of Steve Nutt
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2021 12:57 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Beta 4 error tone when opening outlook


Hi Joseph,


OK, I just opened NVDA, then opened Outlook, got the error tone, and here’s the output from the log:-


INFO - __main__ (08:53:59.059) - MainThread (9824):

Starting NVDA version 2020.4beta4

INFO - core.main (08:53:59.832) - MainThread (9824):

Config dir: C:\Users\steve\AppData\Roaming\nvda

INFO - config.ConfigManager._loadConfig (08:53:59.832) - MainThread (9824):

Loading config: C:\Users\steve\AppData\Roaming\nvda\nvda.ini

INFO - core.main (08:53:59.931) - MainThread (9824):

Using Windows version 10.0.19042 workstation

INFO - core.main (08:53:59.931) - MainThread (9824):

Using Python version 3.7.9 (tags/v3.7.9:13c94747c7, Aug 17 2020, 18:01:55) [MSC v.1900 32 bit (Intel)]

INFO - core.main (08:53:59.931) - MainThread (9824):

Using comtypes version 1.1.7

INFO - core.main (08:53:59.931) - MainThread (9824):

Using configobj version 5.1.0 with validate version 1.0.1

INFO - synthDriverHandler.setSynth (08:54:00.389) - MainThread (9824):

Loaded synthDriver vocalizer

INFO - core.main (08:54:00.389) - MainThread (9824):

Using wx version 4.0.3 msw (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.0.5 with six version 1.12.0

INFO - brailleInput.initialize (08:54:00.392) - MainThread (9824):

Braille input initialized

INFO - braille.initialize (08:54:00.392) - MainThread (9824):

Using liblouis version 3.16.1

INFO - braille.initialize (08:54:00.396) - MainThread (9824):

Using pySerial version 3.4

INFO - braille.BrailleHandler.setDisplayByName (08:54:00.402) - MainThread (9824):

Loaded braille display driver noBraille, current display has 0 cells.

INFO - core.main (08:54:00.586) - MainThread (9824):

Java Access Bridge support initialized

INFO - _UIAHandler.UIAHandler.MTAThreadFunc (08:54:00.601) - _UIAHandler.UIAHandler.MTAThread (17252):

UIAutomation: IUIAutomation6

INFO - core.main (08:54:00.814) - MainThread (9824):

NVDA initialized

ERROR - RPC process 19132 (nvda_slave.exe) (08:54:13.582) - Dummy-5 (8232):


slave error

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "nvda_slave.pyw", line 117, in main

  File "comHelper.pyc", line 22, in _lresultFromGetActiveObject

  File "comtypes\client\__init__.pyc", line 180, in GetActiveObject

  File "comtypes\__init__.pyc", line 1245, in GetActiveObject

  File "_ctypes/callproc.c", line 935, in GetResult

OSError: [WinError -2147221021] Operation unavailable

INFO - globalCommands.GlobalCommands.script_navigatorObject_devInfo (08:54:18.910) - MainThread (9824):

Developer info for navigator object:

name: 'From Computer Room Services, Subject Your Computer Room Services Collection, Received Fri 29/01/2021 08:51, Size 14 KB,'


roleText: None


isFocusable: True

hasFocus: True

Python object: <appModules.outlook.UIAGridRow object at 0x05DE4CF0>

Python class mro: (<class 'appModules.outlook.UIAGridRow'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.behaviors.RowWithFakeNavigation'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.UIA.UIA'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.window.Window'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObject'>, <class 'documentBase.TextContainerObject'>, <class 'baseObject.ScriptableObject'>, <class 'baseObject.AutoPropertyObject'>, <class 'garbageHandler.TrackedObject'>, <class 'object'>)

description: ''

location: RectLTWH(left=259, top=200, width=1182, height=24)

value: None

appModule: <'outlook' (appName 'outlook', process ID 14396) at address 748d790>

appModule.productName: 'Microsoft Outlook'

appModule.productVersion: '16.0.13530.20440'

TextInfo: <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObjectTextInfo'>

windowHandle: 77859248

windowClassName: 'OutlookGrid'

windowControlID: 4704

windowStyle: 1442840576

extendedWindowStyle: 0

windowThreadID: 15116

windowText: 'Table View'

displayText: ''

UIAElement: <POINTER(IUIAutomationElement) ptr=0x7b8c978 at 7482530>

UIA automationID:

UIA frameworkID:

UIA runtimeID: (42, 77859248, 4, -314)

UIA providerDescription: [pid:14396,providerId:0x0 Main(parent link):Unidentified Provider (unmanaged:OUTLOOK.EXE)]

UIA className: LeafRow

UIA patterns available: GridItemPattern, ScrollItemPattern, SelectionItemPattern, InvokePattern, ValuePattern, LegacyIAccessiblePattern


I hope this helps.


All the best




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From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: 28 January 2021 18:20
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Beta 4 error tone when opening outlook


Hi all,

I can’t speak to NV Access, but personally whenever you hear an error tone from NvDA (alpha and beta snapshots), I advise opening log viewer (NVDA+F1) and look at lines above developer info statement as it will record the error and traceback information so we (developers) can diagnose the problem. This is more so if you hear error tones constantly (from anywhere).




From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Vogel
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2021 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Beta 4 error tone when opening outlook


On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 01:07 PM, Gary Metzler wrote:

When using the beta this sound is normal.

Yes and no.  I agree with you, from a practical standpoint, that this tone generally doesn't indicate that anything's wrong that the end user would be concerned about unless there were an obvious bad behavior.  That being said, even in the beta it does indicate that an error condition of some sort has been encountered, and if your logging level happens to be set to debug you can look at the NVDA log to see what, exactly, it is that was not liked.

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