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Hettie <woehler.hettie@...>

Thanks tons for your prompt reply.

I turned off the status bar to solve that irritation.

When reading a message I don't want to hear columns announced, only the information in the message is what I wish to hear.


On 1/29/2021 9:44 PM, Gene wrote:
What specific speech do you want to change?  there aren't verbosity settings for specific programs.  The changes you want may be available in NVDA but they may be changes you make in thunderbird.

I'm not sure about the message coming in announcement but I suspect you will have to not show the status bar.  To do that, go into the thunderbird view menu, alt v, down arrow to tool bars and press enter.  You are in a submenu. Down arrow to status bar.  If it is checked, press enter to uncheck it.  The menus will close and it won't be displayed.  That should stop the announcement.

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Good evening

Where in NVDA's menus do I find verbosity settings for Thunderbird?

I also want to turn off NVDA announcing when a new message arrives while
reading a message.

I spent a long time within NVDA's menus but can't find what I'm looking for.


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