inconsistant table navigation in a webpage

Alexandre Alves Toco


The page I am having this issue has a button. When I click it, the page showes a table inside a region.

When I use object navigation, the hierarquia is:

  1. Region
    1. Table

1.1.1.      17 rows  11 columns. If I go to the children of first row, nvda says column header. When I do the same in other rows, nvda says only column.


Now the problem happens when I use command tables (ctrl + alt + arrow Keys).

When I use ctrl+alt+arrow left and right, nvda Works fine.

But when I use ctrl + alt + arrow up and down, nvda doesn’t navigate the column.

For example, if I am in row 1 (the header row) and press ctrl+alt+down arrow, nvda will read the valeu of second row ( correct ).

But when I do it again, instead of read the value of third row, it says out of table, out of region.


I can’t provide the page because I have to type personal information to get there.

But I am wondering if this information is enough to the developers investigate.


It is not related with beta 4. In the previous version the same thing happened.



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