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Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

Hi Luciano,

I set up an NVDA configuration profile for Microsoft Teams which has cut back on some of those unnecessary announcements when reading instant messages. Here are the steps to do this, followed by an explanation of what it does:
1. Navigate to Microsoft Teams so it has focus.
2. Press NVDA + N and scroll down to the configuration profiles menu item.
3. When the configuration profiles dialog box appears, press the New button.
4. Type "Teams" for the profile name.
5. Select the option to use this profile for the current application which should be Teams.
6. Hit OK. This will cause this configuration profile to load automatically whenever Teams has focus.
7. With Teams still in focus, press NVDA + N again, choose Preferences and then Settings.
8. Scroll to the settings page for document Formatting and then press tab until you find the option "Regions and Landmarks," and remove the checkbox for this option.
9. Hit OK.
10. Press NVDA + N again and choose the save configuration menu option to save your settings.

Now whenever you navigate to the Teams app, your Teams configuration profile for Teams will load automatically. The change we made to settings will prevent NVDA from saying "chat content main landmark" when you review Teams messages. Unfortunately there is no way to change the order of message elements announced by NVDA. It will always be name, message and time stamp. Still, this has reduced the verbosity of that screen enough for me to make it reasonably easy to use.

I hope this helps.


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Hello all,
When interacting with Microsoft Teams chats, my experiences have been really unpleasant.
I want to review a long text chat I had yesterday. Being on the field where messages are listed, in NVDA focus mode, I can press arrows to move from one message to another.
However, it's very unsuitable the way NVDA reads the set of messages.
Suppose someone says me: "Hello". Focusing on the message, I listened:
"Chat Content Ana de Almeida Albuquerque Sampaio Nunes de Carvalho:
I had the bad luck to contact a person with one name and five last names. The result is a tremendous frustration. I simply can't advance without much waste of time.
Afterwards, I ask to myself: "And if I could copy the messages and paste it on Notepad? Being on the message list, I've pressed simultaneously shift and the upward arrow. In fact, messages are copied, but when I pasted it on Notepad, only a small part of conversation were really copied.
I've undestood Teams doesn't load all messages, but in stead of it, it loads then as soon as necesary.
At last, I ask: is there a way to copy all messages to Notepad or read then on Teams environment without the described problems?
I use Windows 10, NVDA 2020.3 and the last version of Microsoft Teams.
Best regards,

Luciano de Souza

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