Re: Slightly OT: mail from this list really piling up. Any strategies?


Luke, I created a new folder named "NVDA" in G-mail then created a
filter to place all e-mail messages from the NVDA list into that
folder. It really helps to keep the inbox more manageable.


On 1/29/21, hurrikennyandopo ... <> wrote:

Which email client are you using?

In thunder bird I have it setup so it downloads emails from G mail to
thunderbird then it is a lot nicer to use delete out either one or many
emails from it.

I do have directions up on my thunder bird page on my website on how to
do it and what you have to do. There is a part where it is a little
tricky where you have to allow g mail emails to come to thunder bird I
can not remember if that part was spoken out or not.

The link to this page is


When you get there jump to the section that says about g mail.

Gene nz

On 30/01/2021 12:40 pm, Luke Robinett wrote:

Of all the lists I sub to, I get the most from this one and it really
piles up quickly in the gmail account I’m using for it. It didn’t
appear gmail offers any way to automatically delete old messages. How
are folks managing the large volume of messages received from this and
other lists? Again, I know this isn’t specifically NVDA related but it
is related to my ability to easily use this NVDA list, so there’s some
relation, I suppose. J Thanks friends.

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