Re: NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser

Chris Mullins

Hi Louise

You will not find a Chrome filetype because Chrome is the app and you’re associating a filetype with an App.  All you have to do is find .htm in the list of filetypes, tab to the associated button labelled as Microsoft Edge and activate it.  It will then give you a series of buttons, 1 for each browser you have installed and you just activate the one you now want to associate with the .htm filetype.  Yu will then return to the filetypes list, where you can then find the .html entry and repeat the above process.





From: Louise Pfau
Sent: 30 January 2021 19:49
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser


Hi.  I checked the settings for filetypes, and the htm and html files are set to open in Edge, and are mentioned as Edge files.  I can't find a filetype for Chrome, which is the browser that some web-based documentation (including the NVDA user guide) has opened in.  When I uninstalled Chrome, they opened in Internet Explorer.  I reinstalled Chrome, and the documentation went back to opening there.  I won't fiddle around with the filetypes without knowing what I'm doing.




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