Re: Error-logging and Reporting


Per Quentin Christensen in the topic, NVDA Beta 4 error tone when opening outlook:

Alpha and Beta builds play an error sound whenever an error is written to the log.  RC and stable builds will record exactly the same errors, but don't play a sound.  There are a number of situations where NVDA might record an error, however it then tries something else which works, and so most end users wouldn't notice anything amiss.
If you can reliably reproduce an error in that situation, as Joseph noted, you can find the exact errors in the log, do test if you can reproduce with add-ons disabled, and if so, it's still worth creating an issue on GitHub for: 
We'll prioritise issues which have an adverse reaction for users of course, but fixing such an error might still result in a smoother experience.

The short version is, "Ignore them unless an actual problem in doing what you're doing is experienced."

If you do encounter that sort of problem, and can reliably reproduce it, then consider: Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA


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