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brice Mijares

Gene, NVDA key plus v acts as a toggle for screen view.

On 1/31/2021 10:39 AM, Gene wrote:
I wouldn't assume it’s the e-mail renderer.  Web sites sometimes have more than one link on a line.  The way to change the display of links is to turn off use screen layout where supported.

Open browse mode settings with NVDA key control b.  Tab to use screen layout where supported.  It’s a check box.  Uncheck it with the space bar.  Press enter.  Now you will see every linkk displayed on its own line, and you will also see that on web pages where you may have seen more than one link on a line.

I have said before that use screen layout should be off by default but there is no interest.

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Hi Lali and all!

When it comes to the NVDA and outlook versus hating something. Those who hates something, keep it for yourself, as it is a personal
preference when comes to using something.

Sadly, Using office 365 accounts in thunderbird can be done with the paid addon called Sova. It supports exchange and never office 365 accounts. That's because I moved from thunderbird to outlook. My university e-mail is also a office 365 mailbox. That's why I've moved to outlook

The problem with links rendered in on line is the e-mail renderer.


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no, it is not exchange, that would be the best, but no.

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