Re: reporting of element with nvda + tab key

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Tony

I just had a nother read of the key combo the NVDA key + tab key. It said it reported the announces the current object or control

when I think about it it is links buttons etc.

I was wondering why in some cases it was reporting the heading correctly I was on in some web pages as it was where the link was in the heading and in another case where there was no link in the heading it did not for example it would read what ever it was last focused on.

Guessing 2 much time in front of the pc today.

For some reason today I thought I had changed a setting accidentally

I guess we have these days from time to time.

Thanks Gene nz


On 1/02/2021 2:51 pm, Tony Malykh wrote:
I think NVDA+Tab reports focused element. Most headings are not focusable. Therefore it would report last focusable element on the web page that you visited with your cursor.

On 1/31/2021 4:38 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi guys

Say if I jump down to a heading on a web page you hear nvda speak it out. But if I hit the nvda key + tab key it reports some thing else on the screen and not the name of the heading I landed on.

I know I can route the focus to where the heading is butand have it spoken out but if I hit the nvda key + tab key it reports something else.

I know before it would report the focused element it was on before I just can not remember the setting or shortcut to fix the problem has any one got a idea.

I know when I find out it is going up on the website just in case some one else has the same problem like I mentioned.

Gene nz

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