Re: NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser

Ron Canazzi

Hi group,

I am joining this thread very late, so if this has already been discussed, I apologize. When I open the NVDA user guide on my Windows 10 latest updates 64 bit system, it opens in my default browser which is Firefox.

I did notice for quite a while that using Cortana, when it brings up a search result that is a reference to a web page, until about a year and a half ago--even with Windows 10 64 bit latest update, the page would open in old outdated Internet Explorer--which apparently was still present in some form long after it's discontinuation. This changed a year and a half or so ago, so with the later updates of Windows 10, the default browser is used for all such search--including NVDA user guide.

I am a bit surprised that with Windows 10, the new chrome base edge doesn't open up in such case, but apparently later versions of Windows 10 default to the default browser--which is more convenient anyway.

On 2/1/2021 8:21 PM, Gene wrote:
On further consideration, I would say that seemingly impossible may convey great doubt but leaves the possibility opened.  It also can mean it seems impossible but it likely or actually happened.  It depends on the context.

However, the confusion is that the original message says That does not seem possible.  that is asserting very great doubt and the rest of the message conveys that as well.  I may have said seemingly impossible in response to your message.  I didn't quote the phrase and that is evidently the cause of the dispute.

-----Original Message----- From: Gene
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser

It leaves the possibility opened but it is meant to convey very great doubt.
I'm saying that I don't have such doubt.

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On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 05:08 PM, Gene wrote:
I was responding to Sarah saying it doesn't seem possible.-
And I was responding to your glossing over of the use of "seem," which
you've just done again, in another way.

Saying something is seemingly impossible does not, and never has, meant it's
literally impossible, or not happening.  In fact "seemingly impossible" or
"seems impossible" is most often used when discussing something one believes
would be impossible but know has actually happened.
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