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Louis Maher

When you are in an Excel cell, and you want put a note on it, hit shift + f2, write your note, and tab to ok and hit enter. If you want to see the note again, go to the cell and hit shift + f2, edit your note, and tab to ok.

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There is an 'edit cell' item in the applications menu. Perhaps that would read the text.
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Dear all,

I am using NVDA 2020.4 Beta 4 and Excel for Microsoft 365 (the offline
app not the web-based interface). I navigated to a cell wherein I
wanted to write a brief remark, pressed the Applications key, and then
pressed Enter on the New Note Add a note about this part of the
document option. This opens up something that NVDA is completely silent
in. Tabbing or arrowing around doesn't help, nor does object
navigation. I have to press Escape and Alt+Tab away and back to the
spreadsheet to get back to the cell, and "has comment" (which comment I
presume would be blank) is reported by NVDA. I would like to properly
access this note/comment editing area so as to actually use this Excel
feature. Is this a known accessibility issue or can it be resolved? Are
there work-arounds?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


Best Regards
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