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You need to use object navigation. Screen review is much more limited in Windows 10 for technical reasons someone else will have to explain. When you use NVDA key b, you are actually reading all the objects available to the program.


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Subject: [nvda] Learning to be efficient with screen review

I have found the NVDA screen review inconsistent and I am trying to figure out why and how to get around the problem.

Try this experiment:
1. Type Windows with R to issue the Run Command
2. Type an invalid drive letter say M: or I: and press enter.
An Error message will appear.
3. Use Insert numpad 1 or Insert Numpad 7 to switch to screen review (you do not want to be in object review).
4. Use the 8 and 9 numpad keys to read the error message.
This works fine.

Now press Windows I to go to settings.
1. Arrow down and right to Update and Security.
2. Use Insert-B to read the entire screen. That works..
3. But now try these review mode commands to review the screen.
Insert 1 or 7 to make sure you are in Screen review mode
7 8 and 9 on the numeric keypad to read the top, current and following lines and keep pressing 9.
You will only hear the word "Bottom".
They do not work. You cannot read the Windows update screen in settings using screen review.
You can explore your computer with object review, but I can't figure out how to read that screen, slowly at my own pace with the screen review mode.

Why is this? When focus cannot go to all areas of a screen, how can I read what's there? Or even if focus can go there, how can I select and copy with NVDA-F9 and F10 or read it slower?

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