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Thank you Sarah. After rebooting my pc the problem is fixed.

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Are you on a website when you do this? I don’t have this issue. Also did you really make sure nvda was uninstalled?  There is a settings file you must delete, but I cannot recall where exactly it is now.




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I didn't say anything about losing alt tab. I said that when I am on a line of text and I hold down the shift key as I down arrow it use to read that line of text. now it does not. When I shift tab it does not announce where I am. Thogh if I shift tab twice in a row it will announce the second item I get to.

I am running the latest NVDA, the latest Windows 10, I have rebooted nvda, I have even set it back to factory standards and the problem still exists.It is not happening with Jaws but I would rather use NVDA as my default. I noticed this Sunday night when I went to update my internet stream guide. I use notepad for that. What is odd is that it is selecting the material I just don't hear it say anything. So I am not sure.----- Original Message -----

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What version of NVDA, what version of windows, what have you done to troubleshoot. Have you tried rebooting the computer, and restarting nvda? What do you mean by  “losing alt tab?” Does that mean the key gets stuck virtually? Also have you tried running the com registry fixing tool found under tools in nvda?




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I am losing speech during the following instances:

every other shift tab

holding down the shift key while down arrowing

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