Re: Hot key for tablet mode?

hurrikennyandopo ...


Not sure about the hot key for it but have a look in the following area on Windows this is on windows 10

I am guessing you might be using one of those things that can be a lap top or slide off the top to make a tablet?

Use the windows key + letter I to bring up the settings there you will be given I think 13 options. Locate the system one then press the enter key on it. you will be given more options then arrow down the list to tablet then press the enter key. Than have a look under that section. the first couple of settings may do the trick. I thin the first one lets you tell it not to go into tablet mode or go into it change it to the one you want. Also have a look under the settings just after it.

Hopefully that does the trick for you. I had a problem similar to it with another person a while back.

Maybe another one for trouble shooting with nvda.

Gene nz

On 4/02/2021 7:47 am, Ann Byrne wrote:
My student has accidentally got into tablet mode on her PC.  She doesn't believe she pressed windows-a.  Is there a hotkey to activate tablet mode?  Is there a way to determine whether you are in tablet mode???  Is there a keystroke to get out of tablet mode?



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