Re: NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser

Chris Mullins

Hi Louise

You reference the “main NVDA website”, is this and was it open in Edge when you accidentally opened the User guide? If this is not the correct site, what is the URL of the main NVDA website?


Your second statement is confusing as I don’t understand how you opened the user guide in Chrome if you had temporarily uninstalled Chrome.






From: Louise Pfau
Sent: 03 February 2021 20:29
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA User Guide doesn't open in default browser


Hi.  I accidentally activated the link to the user guide on the main NVDA website when I was looking for something else, and it opened in Edge, which is my default browser.  When I accessed the user guide through the NVDA menus as described, it opened in either Chrome or Internet Explorer after I'd temporarily uninstalled Chrome for testing purposes.  I hope this helps.



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