Re: Hot key for tablet mode?


No, you have to click tablet mode, the good news is you can just get back into action centre and turn it off, there will be a button that says its on I tried it once to see what I got.

At least there should.

If your system is entering tablet mode without warning, you could have a stuck or dirty board its why I use an external board.

Of course down side is when I go away, I will have a lot of trouble learning my laptop board.

Maybe I should take in fact I will try to take my pluggable bluetooth usb board but I havn't practiced on that either.

I mean I could take a full size about with me in the car but hmmm probably won't.

Failing that, see if you can just reboot the system.

On 4/02/2021 7:47 am, Ann Byrne wrote:
My student has accidentally got into tablet mode on her PC.  She doesn't believe she pressed windows-a.  Is there a hotkey to activate tablet mode?  Is there a way to determine whether you are in tablet mode???  Is there a keystroke to get out of tablet mode?



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