Re: How do I turn off NVDA on a Windows Tablet?

Mobeen Iqbal


If you double tap on  the NVDA icon near the clock, a menu should come up. Double tap on preferences, then double tap on settings. Make sure the box to start NVDA and use NVDA on log on screen are unticked. Double tapping on them should untick them. Then double tap on OK.

Finally, double tap NVDA and double tap on exit. Then double tap on OK.
I hope that helps?



On 03/02/2021 23:15, molly the blind tech lover wrote:


Does your tablet have a physical keyboard?

If so, press NVDA plus q followed by enter to quit NVDA.



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Subject: [nvda] How do I turn off NVDA on a Windows Tablet?


I have a linx windows 10 tablet. The problem is I cannot turn NVDA off. Can someone help me please?


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