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Was the portable version working before? and did you have a shortcut hot key to start it?

I am wondering also if you have the synth set to no speech? When you go to start up the portable version do you get the start up sound? or is it quiet?
If it is set to no speech you can use the nvda key + the letter S to toggle it from no speech to speak.

What synth were you using? when nvda stopped talking. Maybe it might not be supported and buggy.

Whic version of windows are you using? is it windows 10?

If so it might be a good idea to fully remove the installer version of NVDA if it is not working.

You should be able to use narrator to go into the control panel section you are looking for program features  i can not think of the rest of the name go into it then locate teh nvda part in the list then uninstall it.

then after that the pc might have to be rebooted.

When windows start up again if you do not know the shortcut key to start narrator is the windows key + the enter key. When he starts then use the windows key again with the letter R to bring up the run dialouge then type %appdata% then press the enter key. There will be a selection of settings there in folders for your programs. Locate the one that says nvda then delete it out. Then close the screen with the alt and f4 key. Not sure if you have to reboot again, but then it is a matter of installing NVDA again to the pc. You should be able to use narrator to get nvda installed.
I am wondering if the nvda.ini file got corrupted.

Usually the above steps will fix the problem.

the other thing that might come to mind is it bringing up a UAC screen and if so either tab to the yes button then press the enter key or use the alt key + the letter y to say yes to this screen.

Some times a anti virus program can stop it from installing thinking it is a virus but it does not do it with my windws defender.

I wonder also if you put NVDA to sleep when it was running? If so and you know it was started, you could use the nvda key + the shift key + the letter s..
On 8/09/2016 7:46 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

I tried to uninstall it with Revo uninstaller, making sure all the leftover files were deleted, but processes still start when I boot up my computer. will safe mode disable these processes so that, perhaps, I can finally get rid if it completely? Maybe that is causing the issue? I still do not understand why the portable version does not run, at all.    

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