Re: Column shifting in large tables

Jonathan Milam

I have, actually.  Voiceover doesn’t even see it as a table, but I am not seeing the shifting issue with JAWS, however, the latency navigating with JAWS prevents it from even being a solution.  I even tried Chromevox in Chrome but I am unable to navigate the table with it either, due to the latency.  I think much of the issue is caused by the sheer size of the table, the fact that it’s HTML, and also due to the many sorting options it offers.  I’m trying to get a CSV version of it for offline testing, or perhaps they can break up the table into several pages, because it also takes forever to fully load.




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             Interesting.  It still might not be NVDA, as I've seen some very sloppy HTML that, while it presents visually, is an absolute mess to parse out.

             And I hasten to add I'm not trying to say it's not NVDA, either.  By any chance have you tried another screen reader or screen readers to see how they react?

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