Re: Native NVDA Driver for Alva Satellite 584


I wander if your narater brltty is causing issues, it shouldn't, however maybe if you uninstall brltty for narator, then install native brltty on windows then it should work but who knows.

its been a while since I had to fiddle with a display.

At least on the humanware one I doodled with, it supported its own codebase using its own driver and brltty and something called openbraille, if your display has other options maybe you can look at that.

You could also load nvda's brltty or install brltty from the website, the usb drivers and such.

On 7/02/2021 3:50 am, Lukasz Golonka via wrote:
I no longer have access to such display but back in 2019 when I had to
use it for a few weeks I've managed to connect it with NVDA via BRLTTY.

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