Re: Native NVDA Driver for Alva Satellite 584


Well I just searched about, there is no native driver in fact the same message was asked on another blind tech list in 2016.

I then looked at optelec's site and there are no drivers.

Worse still none of their displays have native drivers for nvda, some have jaws, dolphin and windoweyes support but there are no native drivers for any alva displays for nvda.

At least none officially from the manufacturer if that answers that.

I haven't searched more than that, but maybe look on github and see if there are any.

On 7/02/2021 3:54 am, Ali Savas wrote:
Hi Lukasz,

thank you very much for your help. I am aware that this braille display
can be used via BRLTTY. However, I am looking for a native driver.

Many greetings

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