Re: Beeping on Web Pages using Chrome


We don't know what is meant by while moving. Are you saying the beeps change in pitch as you move a round a page or something else?


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Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2021 9:21 PM
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Hi Richard, This sounds like it would be aggravating, Have you
pressed the CTRL key and tapped the letter J key to see if there's
something trying to download or re-download in this list of your
downloaded files?


On 2/6/21, Richard Wells <> wrote:
Hi: on only one of my computers,I am hearing what sound like progress
beeps as I navigate in the virtual buffer on web pages. Any idea what I
may have turned on in preferences. I have lots of add-ons, so I don't
really know where to start finding what I've changed. I am sure I did it
but I just cannot figure out how to diagnose it. Thanks for any ideas
you all may have.

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