Re: A quick question about NVDA certification


I forgot to include  the link.


On 2/7/2021 6:15 AM, Gene via wrote:

See this page.  It goes into detail about the certifications you can get and provides links.  I didn't follow them but they presumably give more information.

I found the page by doing a Google search for NVDA certification.  I often do searches using Google rather than going to specific web sites because it is often faster and more efficient. 


On 2/7/2021 5:45 AM, reddimalla reddimalla wrote:

Hello all, Hope everyone keeps safe!

Folks, I want to do NVDA certification. So my question is, Do we have a chance to do NVDA certification? If yes, please share the required material, and let me know where We can do.

Thanks in advance!

Shyam Reddimalla!


YouTube Channel is also the same.


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