Re: Beeping on Web Pages using Chrome

Giles Turnbull

I think I've experienced the beeping you're experiencing, but not for quite a while. I was using Firefox rather than Chrome but every time I moved down the page with the down cursor, I'd get periodic single beeps. I don't think it was every line, it was as if it was beeping to indicate I was a certin percentage far down the page. I think the pitch changed, getting lower as I navigated down the page and then higher if I arrowed back up the page.

It was not every website,just some and, annoyingly, I can't remember which!

I did a quick search of the NVDA group for the term "beeping" because I couldn't remember if I discussed it here. Apparently I didn't, but there are a couple of possible related discussions about beeping when navigating a webpage. The topic I posted about beeping was only to do with hearing the progress beeps of some downloads, which isn't relevant to your situation.

The only thing I can add is that I haven't heard it since probably 2019 and, assuming the beeping doesn't ever return for me, it wasn't an NVDA setting that stopped it. It was likely a website that I've not visited since ... something like a post on the Medium blogging platform or something.


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