Add-on Updater 21.02.1, StationPlaylist 21.02 #addonrelease


Hello everyone,

Two add-on updates are available (you can check for these updates through one of these):

  • Add-on Updater 21.02.1: this release lays the foundation to support future NVDA releases.
  • StationPlaylist 21.02: fixes three critical issues, namely NVDA announcing “blank” when restarted while focused on a Studio track or encoder, NVDA not detecting connected status for an encoder when restarted while focused on an encoder, and NVDA not saving encoder settings after settings are reset to defaults. The first two bugs are noticeable in NVDA 2020.4 and later, and since the release candidate is now available, SPL add-on 21.02 was released to provide bug-free experience as much as possible.


As always, these updates can be checked from community add-ons website or through Add-on Updater.



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