Re: Thunderbird will become a webbased application - What about accessibility?


Well its becoming web based right now.

Its why I like it.

As to a full web application, unsure, I still use xbox insider legacy though I may have to opt out of xbox insider and then clear the xbox stuff from my system, the web based universal xbox has no sfx and while I can access it I don't like its layout.

Generally elektron stuff works but it depends how its programmed of course.

Skype is accessible, but I've never really gotten used to the interface and to be utterly honest with everyone I know on whats app and such I havn't needed to use it, in fact I am using zoom more, and these days I make sure important stuff goes to email.

As for thunderbird becoming more inaccessible, as long as it keeps its interface I don't mind.

Addons, yeah, if you rely on this for the quantom engine then yeah I have issue with that but I don't and never have ever needed those.

I have the same love hate relationship with waterfox.

They have tried to modernise it, but classic and g3 crash a lot on verious sites 20.08 just doesn't, with nvda interactions on my amd system, and it doesn't render some pages right like resilio, hp support and livejournal.

According to its support reddit, a lot of people have been having issues with it and people are leaving in droves though maybe I just got the bad posts.

Like in waterfox, I guess I could keep on an older version, version 52 no longer gets updates so if I need to I could drop back.

Security would be the main thing as in wanterfox I have noscript, ublock, privacy badger and https everywhere so I am covered with passive addons, so security is not as important as it could have been.

On the other side, if thunderbird version x stopped getting security certs then it would be like eudora and manual cert getting.

However I wouldn't swet it yet.

It will be a gradual thing most likely anyway thunderbird is slow on stable releases.

We are up to 86 now on betas and stable is still 68.7.1, before the 68 series that was 60, and before 60 it was 52.

So even if they do change if you are one of those like me that just wants to get email and duck everything and everyone else, then I wouldn't sweat it, they don't update their stables that fast.

In fact when I was manually getting the latest stable they were still updating the previous one for a bit.

It also seems that once they are done with the last stable version in a series they may or may not update you to the next stable.

So in the end you choose a stable version you like and most likely won't get updates once its stopped.

For example thunderbird 52.9.1 is the last pre quantom versions and they don't update to that.

v 60 may update to 68 or 62 I am not sure.

On 8/02/2021 11:37 pm, Christian Schoepplein wrote:

regarding to a presentation at FOSDEM 2021 it is planed to make Thunderbird more and more a webbased application based on Electron.

I wonder what that means regarding to accessibility in Thunderbird in general and what other free graphical mailer will be available for Windows if Thunderbird might become inaccessible or at least very inefficient regarding to useability when it is a full webbased program.

Is anyone in touch with the Thunderbird developers and can find out more about their plans and how much they will have accessibility in mind?

I fear they do not care much about accessibility, so the next question is what can we do to bring this isue more into the public?

It would be really sad to loose the only really free and good to use graphical mailer for Windows. AFAIK there are not much alternatives left then, which is a real shame for such a central and important form of communication for blind people, especialy in this very challenging times :-(.




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