Re: Tech VB podcast: In-depth interview with NVDA contributor Joseph Lee

Mário Navarro

thank you, great Joseph.


Às 02:03 de 08/02/2021, Joseph Lee escreveu:

Hello NVDA community,

As we await NVDA 2020.4, I figured the following podcast would be educational for many of you:

I sat down with Vytautus from Tech VB for an in-depth interview about NVDA, add-ons, accessibility advocacy and many topics. The resulting podcast (about two hours in length) is now available for your enjoyment:

In-depth interview with NVDA contributor Joseph Lee, We talked about Screen readers, Education, and everything else accessibility related –


Thanks to Vytautus from Tech VB for inviting me for this interview, and of course, special shout-out to Nv Access people for making NVDA possible and add-on authors for opening up possibilities for thousands. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me privately (not on NVDA users group please).



A acção pode nem sempre ser felicidade, mas não há felicidade sem acção...

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