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It sounded to me like it was that classic case of screens comingup during an install disabling the screenreader.
I cannot figure out, though why the earlier version has been working unless the program causing the issue has been updated or its parameters altered since thelast nvda update.

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You don't have to remove antivirus programs if they cause installation problems. To make things much easier in future, you can learn to disable the program temporarily. Some programs require that antivirus programs be inactive during installation. I have never heard of NVDA requiring such and if your antivirus program were blocking it, you should be notified by the program.

I don't know why you are having this problem but I'm trying to prevent you from doing a lot of unnecessary work in future if you think your antivirus program is causing a problem.

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From: Robert Kingett
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Subject: [nvda] Trouble installing 2016.3

I am having a problem downloading NVDA 2016.3 version on windows 10 64 bit.

when I download through NVDA it downloads but does not install.
when I try to run the setup file manually nothing happens, at all, not even an UAC message or something.

when I try to update via Ninite it says the update is not supported.

when I try to install NVDA with ninite after uninstalling it, Ninite gives me an access is denied error.

Idid have AVG but uninstalled it. I realized the other day there are still backround processes running even though I uninstalled it with Revo uninstaller making sure to delete all the leftover files, then going in to regedit and deleting the entire AVG category... but it still will not install. Older versions work just fine. It is just 2016.3 that will not work.

I am currently using 2016.1. I have AVG uninstalled, as well as AVAST.

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