Re: Thunderbird will become a web based application - What about accessibility?

Sarah k Alawami

No, outlook is not web based. I’m using it now, and it is a regular GUI , not a web-based GUI .


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Thunderbird will become a webbased application - What about accessibility?


Well, if that’s the case. I’ll either stick to the windows mail app or just use Google’s site to check mail. I think Outlook is web based. I used outlook 2010.


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From: Roger Stewart
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Thunderbird will become a webbased application - What about accessibility?


Guess I'll be looking for another email program soon.  Too bad as

Thunderbird has worked great with nvda for many years.










On 2/8/2021 5:40 AM, William wrote:

> Oh, I am sad about this news.

> Christian Schoepplein 8/2/2021 18:37 寫道:

>> Hi,


>> regarding to a presentation at FOSDEM 2021 it is planed to make

>> Thunderbird more and more a webbased application based on Electron.


>> I wonder what that means regarding to accessibility in Thunderbird in

>> general and what other free graphical mailer will be available for

>> Windows if Thunderbird might become inaccessible or at least very

>> inefficient regarding to useability when it is a full webbased program.


>> Is anyone in touch with the Thunderbird developers and can find out

>> more about their plans and how much they will have accessibility in

>> mind?


>> I fear they do not care much about accessibility, so the next

>> question is what can we do to bring this isue more into the public?


>> It would be really sad to loose the only really free and good to use

>> graphical mailer for Windows. AFAIK there are not much alternatives

>> left then, which is a real shame for such a central and important

>> form of communication for blind people, especialy in this very

>> challenging times :-(.


>> Cheers,


>>   Schoepp







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