Re: Using NVDA with Zoom Chat: please, let's get this straightened out

Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías

Hi all.

For read messages when a user send, you can check in Zoom the settings the category accessibility, and also you can use the addon mentioned in the previous reply.






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De: Sim Kah Yong
Enviado: martes, 9 de febrero de 2021 3:19
Asunto: Re: [nvda] please, let's get this streightened out



Hello Bob


Let me share my experience:


1.  Update the Zoom desktop client to the latest.


2.  Use the latest NVDA


3.  Install the add-on zoom Enhancement


4. Press NVDA + Shift + A till you hear report all alerts


5. Always make sure the chat panel is open up with Alt + H



With this, I will hear NVDA read out each chat post as soon as it

arrives. I can then respond accordingly.


On 2/9/2021 1:48 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

> Hi all,

> Can we please get the chats in Zoom streightened out? I have yet to

> receive a clear answer, and on the meeting I was on last night, we

> talked about a meeting I will be on in a couple of weeks where the

> chat feature is likely to be heavily used, and I need to know as soon

> as a message comes in that it has done so so that I can respond, as

> I'm going to be one of the people leading this thing. When I've asked

> this before, the thread has died out without me receiving a clear

> answer. I know how to read the chat panel when I know there's stuff in

> it, but how do I get NVDA to read messages as soon as they come in?

> Bob








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