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Tony Ballou



I’m not sure if this will help in finding all the answers to your query, however, this should get you on your way. 


To add a footnote to a document, press control+alt+f. The focus moves to an area at the bottom of the page where the extra information can be typed.

To return to the original point in the document, open the context menu and press g to "go to footnote" to go to the position in the document where the footnote marker is.

From within a document, to move to the footnote area, without creating a new note, press alt+s to open the References ribbon, then press h for "show notes". This can also be used to move from the footnote area back to the document area.


Hope that helps.




From: Marisane Moruthanyana
Sent: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 4:25 AM
To: nvda
Subject: [nvda] your assistance


Good day tech gurus

I trust you are all well and still safe.

I am trying to cope.

I need your assistance.

I am working with many pdf documents full of footnotes.

As you may know, even when I convert the document into word, the
footnotes are maintained.

1. how do I access and review them using nvda?

2. how do I virtualise them in order to copy them if needs be?

With JAWS, I press WinKey+semicolon to access a dialog that allows me
to choose from a list of options, e.g. comments, footnotes, etc. I
will then select footnotes to virtualise, review and copy them to a
new location for further review and editing.

How is that done with NVDA?

Your assistance is highly appreciated in advance.

Moruthanyana: SA


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