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I'm not sure about this but I think the tools must often be run in safe mode.  In this case, all of this trouble can be avoided if you learn how to turn off protection before trying to install NVDA.  And I'm skeptical that AVG has anything to do with the problem.  Isn't it reasonable to expect that if a widely used antivirus program such as AVG were blocking the installation, many other comments would have been sent to the list from users having the problem, even if they didn't know what the cause is?  It's unfortunate that no one has explained how to disable protection in AVG.  Perhaps joining another list might yield better results concerning getting information about that program.  But not knowing how to temporarily turn off protection for whatever antivirus program one is using is a serious deficiency in knowledge and may cause serious problems, depending on the situation. And knowing how to tell the antivirus program not to monitor one or more files or folders is also important knowledge.

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Never use revo to try to uninstall avg, and potentially other ant virus
software, as they are often protected against such tools. Only their own
uninstallers will work.

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I tried to uninstall it with Revo uninstaller, making sure all the leftover
files were deleted, but processes still start when I boot up my computer.
will safe mode disable these processes so that, perhaps, I can finally get
rid if it completely? Maybe that is causing the issue? I still do not
understand why the portable version does not run, at all.

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