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Yeah you shouldn't run to many malware tools.
Here is the thing, you can run one antivirus, one malware tool, etc.
Thing is its the protections for all those going at the same time you can have as many on demand tools as your hard drive can hold.
But only 1 protection up at once unless it says it will work with antivirus programs some do some do not.
I once had a user that had a virus.
It was bad, she solved it by installing 500 plus antivirus and malware programs.
All of them got expired, her system died.
I ended up almost reformatting.
At great expence of time and sanity I managed to remove all her security subsystem.
Installing onley 1 of the programs she had and well then it worked.
Another thing to note, if you pay for an app like a security suite make sure you keep your subscription up to date.
My cousin and I had a talk because his system had a problem with his network, it got a major virus which overrode his bios, etc.
I had to recover everything completely.
Me, um what did you do.
He, I got a virus.
But don't you pay for xxx security?
He, um yeah.
Ok, so did one get through.
he um, I'm almost embarased to tell you but I like sort of forgot to like update my subscription and its sort of been espired for like a day anand a half maybe a week maybe who knows I just noticed I havn't done it.
Me, um you sort of need that subscribed dude, him, um yeah, I have done so but I may forget again.
Yeah, a good reason to have a note somewhere.

On 8/09/2016 5:29 p.m., Christo Vorster wrote:
Good morning

I experienced similar problems with other applications. The only way I could solve such problems was by uninstalling some of the antivirus programs. Software experts told me not to run more than one antivirus program because the antivirus programs often see each other as a virus. Currently I am using Windows Defender on both my laptop and desktop, and it works wel for me.


Christo (Worcester, South Africa)

From: [] On Behalf Of Robert Kingett
Sent: Wednesday, 07 September 2016 6:30 PM
Subject: [nvda] Trouble installing 2016.3

I am having a problem downloading NVDA 2016.3 version on windows 10 64 bit.

when I download through NVDA it downloads but does not install.
when I try to run the setup file manually nothing happens, at all, not even an UAC message or something.

when I try to update via Ninite it says the update is not supported.

when I try to install NVDA with ninite after uninstalling it, Ninite gives me an access is denied error.

Idid have AVG but uninstalled it. I realized the other day there are still backround processes running even though I uninstalled it with Revo uninstaller making sure to delete all the leftover files, then going in to regedit and deleting the entire AVG category... but it still will not install. Older versions work just fine. It is just 2016.3 that will not work.

I am currently using 2016.1. I have AVG uninstalled, as well as AVAST.

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