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Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

Brian, unbelievably condescending and unnecessary warning. Give people a break – sometimes messages don’t show up for everyone at the same time based on the connection, server lag etc. Maybe try giving people the benefit of the doubt and not throwing your weight around without any good reason. Nobody was harmed because a few messages rolled in after OP already said he solved his issue. Also, you are not blind. It’s easy for you to see all the messages in a thread quickly, I’d imagine. Those of us using screen readers need to go message by message and sometimes we miss things. If this response gets me banned, I guess that tells me a lot about you and the moderators of this site. I never get a single atta-boy for all the times I help folks out (not that I expect that) but the minute I trip over one of the many rules I get reprimanded like a child.


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Consider what follows a strong moderator warning.  There is a reason that the group rules "recommend" reading through an entire topic before replying; it's so everyone is up to speed.

Joseph Lee initially proposed turning on selective UIA event registration at 12:01 PM in message  

The original poster, Yeti, responded, "I just did it and it seems to fix my Problem.," at 1:14 PM, in message  

Yet we have had two messages, one "confirming the problem," which had already been resolved, and another reacting to that message, after the issue was already resolved successfully by the original reporter.

Please, people, do not post additional messages to any topic until and unless you've read through it, in its entirety, FIRST.  Joseph should not have to repeat the same solution because it was either not read or glossed over.  And we're not talking about an instance where those who followed-up were doing so as the solution was being offered.  These happened hours after the initial solution, and acknowledgement of same, were posted.  There's no excuse for this.

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