Re: How to start NVDA on an USB drive automatically


Hmmm not sure if thats possible.

Because autoruns in viruses could have this, the security in 7 and up was updated to not allow it.

I am unsure how to write an autorun inf file

but I believe its [autorun]

then file=nvda.exe, but of course I am unsure.

I haven't needed to do this for a bit.

On 10/02/2021 6:41 pm, Christian Ohrens wrote:

Hello all,

As the subject said: I’m looking for a possibility to let a portable version of NVDA run automatically when I insert an USB drive to my computer like the autorun function on CDR.

I’ll get a new computer next week and for setting it up I want to use NVDA. Because I don’t know which letter the USB drive would have, it might be more comfortable if NVDA would run itself after pluggin in the Drive. Would this be possible?


Regards and thanks



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