locked Re: Prepared to be banned from list, but I'll air my views anyway.

Steve Nutt


I would tend to agree that Brian does tend to be a bit heavy handed with his moderation. Probably my turn to get banned now, but if he doesn't like criticism, that makes it even worse.

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Hi list. I was quite offended by Mr. brian Module, Moderator Royal's attitude when messages about NVDA's problems with Visual Studio 2019 was discussed earlier today. Before saying anything else, I want to remind him of two facts.

1. The NVDA community, if we can call it that, is spread over the word, over different time zones. It is not any of our fault if we can't see a message posted at 4 PM EST in the US, because it is for example, 4 AM here in Singapore, South-east Asia where I live, and all things being equal, I should have been still asleep, that early in the morning.

2. Perhaps he doesn't realize that other people too belong to other lists, that messages from those lists came in between the original message and the appropriate replies. The original message sent by Yeti also affected my interaction with NVDA and Visual Studio, so I replied instinctively, or does he forget that we humans do sometimes act on instinct? I get the feeling that because few of us list members use Visual Studio with NVDA, he deems it unimportant and thus having the authority to sweep the concern of the minority as swiftly as he can under the proberbial carpet, uses that power afforded to him to do so. As has been said, Mr Brian, you have the privilige of sight and can run through your mail in no time, something the rest of us can't, and so that's why we have to use NVDA in the first place. Your action was authoritarian to say the least, and I am saying it now, out loud at the risk of being banned. If we call this a community, if things like time difference and message intervals cannot even be allowed, let alone be tolerated, then I am prepared to be banned by this list, or any NVDA apheliated lists because i am at the end of my tether, as far as your authoritarian moderation style is concerned. And good luck.

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