Locked Re: Prepared to be banned from list, but I'll air my views anyway.


On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 12:28 PM, Tony Malykh wrote:
I would like to join Jaffar Sidek and express my discontent with Brian Vogel's  moderation policy of this list.
And, as a long term member, you know very well that I have stated, repeatedly, that complaints about moderation are not going to be tolerated on the forum in public.  The group owner has stated the same:

List Updates: Please Read  (Sent April 11, 2020), from Nimer Jaber, Group Owner, stated:

  • This list is not a democracy.
    • A list member took liberties with questioning a moderator on a topic in public, and questioning why topics are locked. Let me be quite clear: It is not acceptable to question a moderator on list in respect of a thread being locked, or any other reason. If a thread is locked, this is not out of a desire to infringe on your rights... As participants on this list, you are bound by the Groups.io terms of service. Furthermore, you are bound by any rules that I, the list owner, along with Brian, the list moderator, and NVAccess decide to impose. Even if the rule is something you disagree with. If you disagree with it, or you cannot abide by it, please unsubscribe. This isn't to say that policies we enact will be unreasonable, however it is your choice whether you are able to follow the rules imposed by an entity when you use a service or product that entity provides.

The above is not up for negotiation.  If these sorts of topics continue, I will put members starting them on moderated status, and feel no compunction for doing so.  If you have issues with moderation, whether here, or on other Groups.io groups, the appropriate way to express those is by writing to the group owner, using the email address Groups.io provides, and making your case.

This topic is now locked.  And I am stating, unequivocally, that anyone who starts another one in public will be instantly put on moderated status.  That's the convention and that's the rule expressed in the Admin Notice quoted above. 

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